Monday, 26 December 2011

Perspectives on Strength

Today, the Crystal Visions Tarot offers us another card from the Major Arcana.

There are many traditional elements in this Strength card: from the main characters being a woman and a lion to the lemniscate (infinity symbol) which graces the crystal-topped wand the woman holds, to the way her hand rests on the lion's jaw.  Yet the wand itself is something different, as are the eagles that fly above and the sunflowers around them, as well as the fact that woman and lion sit on a rocky plinth.

To me, this card suggests that part of inner strength comes from being able to get perspective on a situation (the eagles), as well as being able to control our inner urges and use their energy in a productive way, without self-recriminations (the woman gently controlling the lion).  There is also a suggestion of the power of intent and will in finding our inner strength (the wand), and a potential for growth through illumination (the sunflowers) if we manage this act of taming our more brutish aspects. 

Today, I need to control my sloth and my greed.  I am reading another novel (Bewitched and Betrayed, by Lisa Shearin), but also have some work I need to get done quite urgently.  I also want to reorganise my tarot cabinet this holiday, putting my decks in alphabetical order.  At the moment they are rather higgledy piggledy in a semi-logical favourite to least favourite order, which really doesn't work as I tend to change my mind about how much I like a deck when I use it again, anyway :)

Also, on Christmas Eve I gave in and ate some turrón we had been given as a gift by a Spanish friend.  While almonds are pretty healthy, all the processed sugar certainly isn't, and yesterday I noticed that I was jonesing for sweets - and they try to kid us that sugar isn't addictive!  So, I need to steer clear of the stuff until the cravings die down again. 

I am grateful for the support of spirit in controlling my base urges.


  1. Very admirable post. :D

    I hope you do manage to tame the beasts of sloth and greed! Oh boy, do I know those too well!

    (Puts away rice pudding)...

    I definitely want to follow this one better in 2012. Being more motivated and better about my diet is a good goal. I spend a lot of energy trying to feed my daughter according to her food allergies and avoiding sugar, etc, but I tend to get lazy with my own.

    Good luck with all your activities today!

    Beast-taming hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    I think that the more we have to focus on food for others, the harder it is to be mindful of ourselves in that area. I wonder whether putting up reminders around the house would help. Or just a big Stop sign on the fridge ;)

    I didn't do great over the Christmas period - I ate some turrón and some florentine biscuits. Still, it's the first time I've caved since January, and it could certainly have been worse...

    Fridge-taming hugs,