Monday, 12 December 2011

Rachel Pollack's God/dess Spread

Recently, I bought Rachel Pollack's latest book "Soul Forest: Twenty Four Tarot Writings".   Having a quick skim through (before my essay was done) one thing that caught my eye was her chapter on a Goddess Spread she came up with in the process of teaching a class.  The idea was to start by writing your associations of Goddesses (or Gods) to the Majors of the tarot.  Then, she suggested separating the deck into Majors, Courts, and Pips.  The positions are:

1 - Major - What Goddess or God is important to me now?
2+3 - Courts - Who have I been in my life?  Who will this God/dess help me become in this life?
4,5,6 - Pips - What task do I face?  How will this God/dess help me?  How does the God/dess want me to honor him/her?

I decided to tweak this slightly, by using a Goddess Tarot deck with specific Goddesses already allocated to the Majors.  I can think of at least three of these: Kris Waldherr's Goddess Tarot, Lo Scarabeo's Universal Goddess Tarot, and my personal favourite - Sage Halloway and Katherine Skaggs' Mythical Goddess Tarot, which is the one I used for this reading.  In terms of tweaking the spread, I also saw this reading more in terms of now rather than my life as a whole.

The Goddess I received was the bawdy, sensual, spontaneous and funny Uzume (who I wrote about here), associated with the Fool.  My two Court cards were 2) who have I been - the Crone of Seas (Cups): resurrection and 3) who will this Goddess help me become - the Child of Wind (Swords): consciousness.  The minors I drew were 4) task - 8 of Fire (Wands), 5) how this Goddess will help - 8 of Seas (Cups), and 6) how does this Goddess want me to honour her - 7 of Fire.

How to interpret this?  I see the Crone of the Seas saying I have recently been feeling very tired and old, in need of some transformation and healing.  A bit of emotional overwhelm there, and a desire for female wisdom to help me in this moment - hence my desire to connect more with the Goddess, which I mentioned a few weeks ago.  As for who I can become, the Child of Wind seems about as far as you can get from this.  Playful, energetic, delighting in communication and movement, listening to the messages of spirit and getting a completely new perspective, she flies on a dragonfly, fearless and enthusiastic.  I can definitely see how Uzume, with her suggestion of playfulness, bravery and spontaneity is an appropriate choice to help me reach this state.

As for how to go about it,  I'll admit at first the 8 of Seas as how the Goddes would help me left me a little flummoxed.  However, just today Rachel posted on how to transform problem cards, which helped give me a different perspective.  So, the 8 of Fire says my task is to be able to express myself and my creativity from a place of love.  How the Goddess will help me is that in a difficult situation she will diffuse high-running emotions with her laughter and spontaneity, depleting them of their power to overwhelm.  How I can honour her is by finding my own inner fire and passion, a sense of courage and a willingness to show myself to, and share myself with, others.

I think this is a lovely spread, and I shall ponder these cards for a while.  I sense there's much more still there to explore.  If you give it a go, do let me know how it turns out...

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