Friday, 9 December 2011


The Journey Oracle offers us a really cheerful and evocative image today.  I'm often not a big fan of "landscapes" on their own in oracle or tarot decks, but this is definitely an exception to that. 

Titled "Resilience", this card makes me think of something Carl Rogers wrote.  He talked about aspects that others see as negative, even pathological, actually just being the best way we can find in the circumstances to cope and survive.  He likened this to a potato in a dark cellar sprouting anyway and sending up a weedy, white shoot, seeking the light.  While this looks deformed compared to a healthy plant, it's just the potato doing the best it can.  Likewise, here we see a tree that has been chopped down.  Still, a new shoot springs forth, life continuing despite the challenges.  And the little bird at the top of the branch suggests the possibility of getting perspective and being lifted up from these hard times.  Being the blue of communication, it feels even more strongly suggestive of the messages of spirit with which birds are, in any case, often associated.  If we can listen to spirit, we will find growth potential in the face of adversity.

I hope this is a message I can put across to my clients today.  One is very willing to hear messages from spirit - she has been talking about going to see a medium.  The other says she doesn't believe in anything, and yet she adores birds, and will always stop and listen to their song.  Both in their own way are opening to spirit.

As for me, one of my brothers is over for a visit.  I think he may need a reminder, too, that he is doing the best he can in his circumstances.  Hopefully, big sis can find a way to say that without sounding patronising.  And perhaps, when I say it to others, my soul can hear it, as well.

I am grateful for the potential for growth that is always there in life, if we can but open ourselves to it.


  1. I hope you and your brother have a wonderful and healing time together. Can't wait to see all my family together in about a week.


  2. Hi MM,

    We had a lovely lunch just the two of us, as well as a nice evening last night with my Dear One. It's really good to see him. Wishing you a wonderful, family-filled time next week!

    Family-sized hugs,