Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ruby Wand

I am delighted by the vibrant, passionate colours of the Crystal Visions Tarot.  Today, these are show-cased in the Ace of Wands.

A cute little pink dragon twines around a ruby-encrusted wand, with a crimson sky in the background, and pink flowers growing around it.  A couple of bubbles float near the base of the wand, and the huge ruby at its tip shines brightly.

I get a real sense of passion, power and potential from this card.  There is nothing heavy-handed here, nothing bullying or forceful, despite being powerful.  The dragon is fiery, yet with beautiful translucent wings.  And the flowers and delicate bubbles suggest this is not an enthusiasm and fire that will destroy, but rather that have creative potential, with an emphasis on the aesthetically pleasing. 

I'm not particularly artistic, so I don't see in this a call to paint or sketch, to sculpt or knit or sew.  Based on this card, today seems like a good day to make a start on some presentation materials I want to create for a workshop on "Getting to Know the Tarot Court".  I've already sketched out the ideas in note form, but now its time to get inspired and put in visuals and text, as well as putting together handouts.  Fun!

I am grateful for the passion to create, in whatever form.


  1. Gosh, well the Ace of Wands is a great inspiration for what I consider the trickiest part of a tarot deck - even now, the Courts present a challenge - still way better than when I started though!! Goodluck :) and blessings to you.

  2. Hi Monica,

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. I actually quite enjoy Court cards these days, and the workshop will hopefully be a lot of fun...

    Blessings to you, too :)