Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sagittarian Birthday

Another chance to think about strong, active energy in our lives today, with the King of Wands from Liz Hazel's Whispering Tarot.

This King holds an orb-topped sceptre, an instrument to manifest his will, and which shows a certain foresight.   A green and yellow dragon with white wings wraps around him, symbol of life energy and swift decisiveness.  His robe is red with a purple pattern, indicating his passionate aliveness tempered with wisdom.  His belt is blue, suggesting he talks from his gut - with conviction.

For me, today, this card is about my Dear One.  He is a fiery Sagittarian and today is his birthday.  Although I don't think this is his official birth card, according to the Golden Dawn attributions, I still think it fits him well.  He can be quite absolutist, and determined, believing strongly in things.  However, these days he is learning to soften a little, helped by meditation which is bringing him a bit more calm.  He is also passionate about the people in his life.  Today is Big Boy's school Christmas Carol show, and we're going to that, rather than doing something more particularly for my Dear One (though we will go out for a meal, just the two of us, later).

I am grateful for the chance to love and be loved by a good man.


  1. Cool dude. :)

    I love Sag folk.

    I don't know what it's like to be married to one, however I do have a double Sag daughter, and two Sag sisters, one double Sag (moon/ascendant) Aquarian sister, and my own ascendant is Sag.

    I like your description of your husband, and I'm also glad he's displaying some softness. Speaking as a fellow fire sign, it can be hard to be fiery. It's like you can't help yourself sometimes. You're consumed with passion. Of course this is good in the sack, but...

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas show and everyone makes merry, at least with a minimum of meltdowns and chaos.

    Jolly Old Hugs,

  2. Hi Chloë!

    I am a double Sagittarius... I don't know many Sag people in my life, only a couple of High School classmates that I haven't seen in YEARS! I also happen to know a bunch of people who go all "eww" when they hear of Sagittaius - I don't understand the prejudice! :-P We are so nice!

    It's wonderful to have a nice person in your life, one that goes beyond the role of husband and lover and becomes a true companion through thick and thin. In this age of instant gratification, in which many people don't have the patience to invest in a relationship in its difficult moment, this kind of gift is rare. Congratulations to you and to your husband for taking care of it together! <3

  3. Hi MM,

    What a lot of Saggie's (hmm, maybe not the best abbreviation - lol) in your life. I'm very happy with my fiery man - matches my Gemini airiness pretty well.

    Hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy your folks' visit.

    Ho-ho-ho hugs,

  4. Hi Marina,

    I like all the Sag's I know :)

    Yes, I consider myself very lucky with him, and I think he's pretty lucky with me, too ;)

    Wishing you a wonderful December,