Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Swift Flight

Finally we break the spell of emotion, moving out of three days of Cups cards.  The Whispering Tarot offers up the 8 of Wands today, with warmth and movement aplenty.

Two people, one in pink, one in blue, fly on the back of a white-winged dragon, with a blue crest and brown body.  Above them the sun shines as though it were a whirlpool of light.  Below, eight trees stand in the foreground of a valley, through which a river runs, bridged near a small town.  In the background, purple and lilac mountains dominate the skyline.

I have the sense that this movement could take us anywhere - to the mountains, symbols of wisdom and truth.  To the town, symbol of community.  To the trees, symbols of nature and growth.  Or to the sun itself, symbol of warmth and energy.  There is enormous potential here, if we can but harness and direct it.

Yesterday I spoke to my dissertation tutor, and finally hammered out a question to examine, as well as defining my research methodology.  So, now to get a move on and start work on the protocol, while I have energy and enthusiasm.  Today I want to at least start reading one of the books I know I'll need.  Though I do intend to take a break later this week and kick back, but I'll see when the time is right for that :)

I am grateful for a sense of energy and purpose.


  1. Huge congrats for all your progress lately!

    I do hope you get to take a break soon, though.


  2. Hi MM,

    As you'll have seen by now, I am taking a break - hence super-delayed response here *d'oh* Thanks for your lovely comment :)