Saturday, 24 December 2011

To Fly Beyond the Sunset

For this Christmas week I decided to use the recently released Crystal Visions Tarot (U.S.Games, 2011) by Jessica Galasso.

What a lovely way to start, with this beautiful version of the Fool.  When I looked at it today, it brought the phrase "To fly beyond the sunset" to mind.  I was sure it came from something, and when I googled it I realised my mistake - I was thinking of To Sail Beyond the Sunset.  Anyhow, Galasso's Fool looks like she is about to take flight and join the flock of butterfulies that flit around her.  One foot is already stepping off the rocky ledge on which she stands, wrapped around with a ribbon, while other ribbons fly in her hair and from her clothes.  Will these transform into butterfly wings as she transitions to the air?  Or will the butterflies take hold of the ribbons to bear her upward?  Or is she stepping off, to plunge into the pool below her?  It feels as though, one way or the other, a change is coming, something that will start her on a new path.

I see here a willingness to be open to new possibilities and opportunities, to not pre-judge what we see or hear.  The Fool often brings Beginner's Mind to a situation, an openness to experience and a lack of preconceptions.  In itself, this can be transformative, allowing us to see a situation from a wholy different perspective.  It makes me think that this is more about sunrise than sunset - the dawning of a new day, with all the possibilities that offers.

In much of Europe, Christmas is actually celebrated on Christmas Eve, just as New Year is celebrated on New Year's Eve.  Having European roots, that is my practice, too, and one which my Dear One has been happy to adopt.  So, today my parents come to celebrate with us, to light candles and feast together and give gifts.  None of us is Christian, it is more about tradition and family.  I sometimes wonder about swapping around to celebrating on the 21st, but we haven't done so yet...

Perhaps some of the ideas and gifts we share today will open up new potentials in one way or another.  Or maybe this is simply advice to bring an innocent sense of joy to the whole day - never a bad suggestion :)

I am grateful for the infinite possibilities of life.


  1. I find it interesting that this card is so similar to the Queen of Swords. Wonder what the theme is?


  2. Hi MM,

    Yes, you're right, with the purple colour palette and the butterflies they have a lot in common. Still, I see the Fool as more carefree and less guarded... A theme of wisdom and transformation, maybe?

    Post-Christmas Hugs,

  3. Yes, that is a nice way to look at it. Butterflies are such a pretty symbol in a deck. I know they're associated with air signs and show up in the RWS deck's air suit. I like them in the Fool, too, and it makes sense for both.

    Day-After Christmas Hugs to You, too!