Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Artisan

The Watcher Angel Tarot has keywords on all the Minors, and this seems especially relevant and interesting with the Court cards.

Here we have the Knight of Pentacles, a female, as is the Knight of Cups.  Her keyword is "The Artisan".   Compared to traditional associations of the Knight of Pentacles with being hard-working, grounded, but perhaps a bit boring, this emphasises the creative side of this Knight's energy.  The hard work and dedication are still there, but fuelled and directed by creativity.

Today is a day for the crafting of words - in just under six hours the Tarot Blog Hop takes off on its maiden voyage.  35 or so bloggers all writing on the same subject, and linking to one another.  It's taken a fair bit of this Knight's energy, not just in writing the posts, but in everyone figuring out how to schedule a post at the same time and link to other people's blogs.  Let's hope it all works smoothly!

I am grateful for creative energy coupled with follow-through.


  1. Interesting figural work in this deck. Surprisingly practical and real for a deck called 'watcher angel'...very interesting.

    Good luck with your tarot blog network thing!

    Hope you're having a lovely day. Happy Feb!!!


  2. Hi MM,

    It's interesting, because the Watcher Angel story is about a bunch of angels who decide to come down to earth and live as humans, hence the grounded practicalness of it. Yet they still retained their angelic powers, which are expressed more in the Wands suit, and in the Majors. So, it's a really unusual mix.

    I think the blog hop went well - I certainly enjoyed both writing for it and reading all the different posts!

    Hope you're having a great start to February!