Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Balancing Worlds

Back to sci-fi today with the Tarot of Metamorphosis.

A metallic gargoyle figure looks out over a strange pagoda, while in the sky beyond two moons or planets float low to the horizon, one pink, one turquoise.  Despite the unusual imagery, I still see the message of balance coming through strongly here.  Balancing nature and machine, large and small, masculine and feminine, beauty and horror.  Seeing the winged, taloned figure gazing down from his perch makes me think of the view he would have from up there.  It must be easier to balance different things if you can get an overview of the situation... 

There's also something awe-inspiring about the two moons - their beauty and size, and the idea of something so alien.

Today I am juggling work and preparing for a trip tomorrow, as well as exercise (not a question of discipline, it keeps me sane) and caring for Big Boy.  I could do with some of the perspective the main figure seems to have: to assess what should be done when for best effect.  I'll try to keep in mind that I love all these different things, even while I may struggle to manage them all.  And at least my Dear One is still on holiday, and so can help, as we also have to have the electricity company in (turns out our metere has melted and is a safety hazard).

I am grateful for an extra pair of hands around the house.

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