Saturday, 7 January 2012

Colourful Devil

After last week's bizarre, sci-fi/fantasy/horror deck I decided to go for something more traditional this week.  Though admittedly this is a re-imagining of a historic deck, rather than the real deal: the Universal Wirth Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2008).

And starting the week off with a bang, today's card is the Devil.  Harking back to early depictions, we see a figure with huge horns and breasts, and the suggestion of male sexual appendages covered by the devil-horned mercury symbol worn over a loincloth, and cloven hooves.  On the Devil's arms, the words "solve" and "coagula" (dissolve and coagulate, sometimes translated as separate and join together) with their alchemical implications.  At the Devil's feet, two demons or imps, brightly coloured, one male and one female.

For me, this card is a reminder that many times it is in our search to perfect ourselves that we fall into the worst binds, trapped by our own prejudices which blind us to any other option.  Or it might be to do with our inability to live up to the high standards we set ourelves.  This can lead to a downward cycle, the "well, I've messed up so I may as well give up and mess up even worse" mentality.

Today we drive back to Munich to spend the day and break up our trip home.  I wonder whether this card is about the "fall" I often feel coming off the high of being in busy social situations...

I am grateful for the reminder to beware of extremes of emotion and the unhelpful behaviours they can lead to.


  1. I often need this reminder Chloe, thx lol.
    Safe travels to you all!

  2. Hi Krysten,
    Yep, I need the reminder, too *d'oh*

    The journey was fine, but despite the reminder, I found the fall a bit hard. I talked it over with my mum, a wonderful, witchy woman, and we agreed it's to do with the emotional overload of being with so many people...

    Hope you had a good weekend,