Friday, 27 January 2012

Family Fun

Charissa Drengsen's Steampunk Tarot offers an image of chaos and yet joy with today's card, the Ten of Cups.

There is something so fun and cheerful about this card, despite the rambunctious bedlam it portrays.  Clowns and showgirls, schoolgirls and teachers, and an eccentric aunt in love with her gramaphone; this card is a reminder that families often have patterns that feel normal to those within them, but feel totally bizarre to an outsider (even if that outsider is a member).

I notice, too, the sign above their heads - Welcome Home.  Home is not just about the place where we live, but about all the people we share our lives with in one way or another.  It reminds me that while our blood family is chosen by birth, we get to choose the family of our heart.

So, what does all of this have to do with my day?  Well, for one thing I'm translating a letter for my step-father.  When it came through, I wasn't hugely keen - three sides of customer complaints and engineering jargon!  However, he is the kindest, most caring and generous man I know.  So, I should have it finished by mid-morning :)

I am grateful for my family in all its shapes and guises.


  1. I've followed your use of this deck with interest have yet to see anything I'd identify as steampunk.

    I once spent 3 hours at the library translating a letter to a sailor boyfriend into Cyrillic. I wonder now what was so important I couldn't say it out...? I sincerely doubt there was a Cyrillic dictionary aboard the USS Gridley in 1968. :)

  2. D'ya know Chloe, I think I'm in love with this deck. In fact, I like it even more than the soon-to-be-released Barbara/Aly version! Everything about the cards you've shared just feels so right to me, and today's is truly the best Ten of Cups I've ever seen. 'Welcome home' is a genius touch, and I love it that the 'family' (the kind you choose, I'm thinking!!) are a mish mash of circus freaks, clowns and people you'd trust to be secure enough in themselves to want only the very best for you, too. (It reminds me of my mates at the circus party last week and the help they gave me in putting it together!)
    Truly a beautiful deck - I'm a big fan of collage when it'd done right, and these cards are hitting all of my buttons :)
    Total stunner. I could ramble on and on here but I think what I'll do is order myself a copy (ouch! a pricey one - justifiably of course as it's self-published) and have a good ol' blog about it.
    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful work of art Chloe!

  3. Hi Sharyn,

    I know what you mean, though I do see Steampunk in the mix of old-fashioned clothes and sepia images with more modern/scientific elements. It's kind of a hard one to do with a photo collage deck - how do you bring in made-up technology when you only have what is to work with?

    I smiled at your tale of translating love letters - as I get older I give less of a damn about most things, too :)

  4. Hi Little Red,

    Glad you enjoyed this deck, and my apologies for being a terrible enabler ;D I saw you've pulled out of the Barbara Moore Steampunk order, I guess this is why? Have to say, I liked this deck, but I'm still looking forward to the other one more - I prefer the cohesiveness of drawn artwork compared to collage as a rule. Still, I shall very much look forward to seeing what you make of it...

  5. Hehe - yes, due to the understandable overheads of being self-published and trying to make a proper living, it's not a cheap Amazon-style buy...the only way I could justify spending the money was to put my foot down on other tarot least for the time being!!

    I love drawn artwork of course, but a quirky collage done properly is a bit of an impossible weakness for me. I've spend the past couple of days getting lost in Charissa's lovely website and Etsy shop...ooh roll on Christmas again (joke!)