Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fiery Knight

It's always nice to get a cross-section of cards from a deck, to assess it, so I'm glad that today the Universal Wirth Tarot offers us a Court card: the Knight of Wands.

This Knight is all armoured up, charging forwards with his sword in hand.  In front and above him is a ram's head, suggesting his connection with Aries.  Below him is an armoured helm at the centre of two crossed wands, with fire running around them.  It seems as though he is charging across a blue, somewhat cloudy sky.

I have to say, this image offers somewhat mixed symbolism.  While the wands, the fire and the ram all point to typical traits of this Knight, the sword and the skyscape are more suggestive of the Knight of Swords.

As with Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot, the Knights all have a helmet on their card.  Ciro says he made this choice to represent the fact that Knight energy is often rather brash - putting on a face and a role, rather than really having incorporated the suit's energy the way the more mature Queen and King have.  I rather like this take on the Knight status.

So, what I see here is the energy to be decisive, passionate and enthusiastic, perhaps beyond reason.  Charging into things on a bit of a whim, there is the danger that there won't be much follow-through.  Still, if there's a decision to be made and action to be taken then this Knight is your man, so to speak.

Yesterday was my first day back at college - I just have a two hour class once a week now.  However, I volunteered to do the first presentation to this supervision group next week, so I need to get moving on that.  Given that I also have a work project that need finishing today, I hope I can draw on this Knight's gumption to get me going.

I am grateful for a shot of energy and enthusiasm.

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