Monday, 9 January 2012


Another card from the Minor Arcana today shows again the very different perspective which the Universal Wirth Tarot offers us.

In this version of the Three of Wands, we have three wands arranged in a triangle, point up.  In the centre of the triangle is a caduceus, symbol of healing.  Below is the trunk of a bush, from which branches sprout, reaching out in all directions.  Above the triangle we have the head of a dog.

What I see here is a message about the power of friendship or companionship to help us both heal and grow.  Often, people in our society feel they have to be self-sufficient, to be able to take care of themselves physically and emotionally.  In reality, though, we are social creatures who need others for our well-being.  Even when we are alone, we hold conversations in our head with imagined others, or think about how others would see us.  This doesn't mean we are weak, it just acknowledges that we are all part of a web of relationships.  Without that human contact, as children our brains wouldn't develop, and as adults it is hard to stave off depression.  We need others, to be whole mentally and physically.  Denying that is one of the worst side-effects of individualism.

I am grateful for the web of support that surrounds me.  From my Dear One and Big Boy to my friends, from my parents to the people in the shops I frequent who smile and take the time to say hello, from my fellow students to the strangers I share a train carriage with.


  1. I love it that there is a dog on this card - (hu)man's best friend :)
    Thanks for this post Chloe, I've been doing lots of thinking about friendship lately, and am filled with an urge to let my dear ones know how much I love and value them, and to reconnect with those I may have neglected.
    I've always been filled with admiration for those who can exist just themselves and the earth, nature etc - I've known several people like this and it does just set them apart from the rest of us. But I don't aspire to be that way - I'd be lonely! Human connections, interactions, relationships, love, friendship, falling out, negotiating...I wouldn't be without them, even with all the pain they can bring, for anything in the world.

  2. Hi LR,

    I think that those woodsy people still feel a connection, just with all of life through nature, rather than simply with other people. The need for connection of some sort remains, I believe.

    Like you, though, I don't aspire to that. I like the mess and joy of humanness...