Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Goddesses and Sirens Video Review

As you can guess from this post's title, I have finally made the time to get my video camera out again.  This go-around I decided to do something a bit different (for me).  Instead of a reading, it's my first video review.  I hope you'll let me know what you think!

The review is of the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton (Blue Angel Publishing, 2011).


  1. Chloe! I am so excited for you! This video was fantastic. One would never know that this was your first. Your voice is magnificent, both in cadence and volume, as well as being very pleasant and soothing. I saw this deck last month and was really struck by it. It seems that I will agree with most of your opinions about it, but favorable and not. It is nice to see more of the cards, but a real shame that there are not the same symbols on the cards as mentioned in the book. In spite of that, I still really think I want to own it.
    I am looking so forward to more videos by you!


  2. Happy to find this poking around today. I've been curious about this and it's not available yet in the US. I used the companion deck, Gods and Titans, today for my daily draw, so we're in sync. Thanks for the peek!

  3. Fabulous review, Chloe. Thank you.

    I have the Gods and Titans, which I like, and thought this might be an interesting accompliment. I find the females less visually stimulating for all of the reasons you mentioned. Too much of a simularity maybe. Love that Gaia card though.

  4. Hi Krysten,

    Thanks for the lovely feedback! I should clarify, this was my first video review, but I did do some video readings last year - you can see them if you click on the video blogging tag at the bottom of the post. Most of them were done with the Oracle of the Shapeshifters, though also a couple with the Rock'n'Roll Oracle, the Oracle of Shadows and Light, and one with the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. With those I experimented with different text options, and with backing music. This video was the first where I manged to detach the audio and video so I could add in scans seamlessly, as well as the first where I used both stills and panning - such a lot to learn!

    I do like this deck, though it's not my favourite Goddess deck. Have you seen the Goddess Oracle by Hrana Janto & Amy Sophia Marashinsky? I posted a review of it on Aeclectic and on my site at: http://www.innerwhispers.co.uk/pages/reviews/oracles/the-goddess-oracle.php It's still my favourite Goddess Deck, with a great book, and gorgeous, varied images.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the positive feedback. I will definitely be making some more videos - they're so much fun! And they feel somehow more immediate and human...


  5. Hi Tierney,

    How funny! I have the Gods and Titans, too, and like it better than the Goddesses - maybe I just prefer male eye candy ;D But the book is great.

    Hi PLN,

    Glad you like the review! I think there is more variety amongst the Gods and Titans, even though they're largely hunky males, too :)