Thursday, 12 January 2012


Another Major from the Universal Wirth Tarot graces my screen this morning - my old friend the Tower!

Two men fall from a crumbling Tower.  Both wear Fool's motley, though one bears a crown, while the other has a peasant's hat on.  Yet gravity cares not for status, age or any other GRACES - both plummet to earth just the same.  Nothing can protect us from having our ideas challenged, our lives turned upside down, our sense of self forever altered.

Tower moments come in all shapes and sizes, from looking in the mirror one day and seeing your mother, to a car crash that leaves you wheelchair-bound.  What matters is how we respond to them, the ways we find to deal with them.  I notice, too, the grass into which the figures are falling.  So, perhaps something about how we can soften our landings.

I already have a sense of what this card is about, even though it's only 6am my time.  Today I find out something, one way or another.  In either case it'll be a bit of a shake-up, either of my plans or of my sense of self.  I try to remind myself that a shake-up is a wake-up, and doesn't have to be seen as a bad thing...

I am grateful for the chance to imagine my life being different.


  1. Hi Chloë,

    I hope your shake-up is not too bad and leads to something wonderful.

    Sending good luck your way,

  2. Hi MM,

    Well, there were quite a lot of tears, and I'm not sure about the something wonderful yet, but I weathered the storm. What doesn't kill us... :)

    Heartfelt hugs,

  3. Oh no...yikes.

    That doesn't sound so great. I am sorry!

    Hope the Star follows close behind.

    Soothing Hugs,

  4. Not to worry, MM, this too shall pass :) Thanks for the kind thoughts!

    Star-filled hugs,