Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I think this is one of my favourite cards in Ciro's Oracle of Visions deck!

First and foremost, I love the way a tree is growing up her spine.  I don't really see it as a tattoo, more as a symbol of her connection with the world about her.  Strong roots and reaching branches echo the muscles and veins in her body, and the trunk curves as her spine moves.  This is emphasised in the way she forms a perch for a nest with two eggs, and a beautiful bird. 

It was only on about my fourth viewing that I noticed the horse was actually a unicorn, and it took another glance before I spotted the squirrel in the tree.  I also love the little waterfall - a bit of movement that emphasises the calm stillness of the water beneath it.

For me, this card is all about our connection to nature, our ability to nurture, and the strength and clarity we gain from being in nature.  Like a cross between the Empress and the World, it is Gaia at her most wonderful.

Today I see a client who is a mother, and I hope to be able to nurture her a little, so she in turn can nurture her child.  I wonder, too, whether I can make time to go for a walk on the heath, to clear my head a little from all the craziness of life...

I am grateful for the magical calm of a walk in the woods.


  1. Very nice image!

    I hope you and your client both have healing days today!

    Watch out for hidden unicorns and squirrels on your walk. ;)

    Wednesday Hugs,

  2. that really is a stunningly pretty card :0

  3. Hi MM,

    Well, I didn't manage the walk as I'd forgotten another appointment I had to go to. Still, perhaps that person was a unicorn in disguise - she certainly gave me some food for thought :)

    Hope you had a good day!

    Thursday Hugs,

  4. Hi SB,

    It is gorgeous, isn't it? I love the colours and composition, but also the feel of it...