Monday, 16 January 2012

Intuition and Magic

Ciro Marchetti's Oracle of Visions if full of wondrous and magical images, and today's card is no exception, offering up a vision of faeries.

Wearing a large, ornate-yet-delicate crown, with a veil, and sitting between two pillars, she has something of the High Priestess to her.  The woman watches as faeries pour forth from the lidded cup she holds open.  A combination of intuition and magic, then, an opening to the Otherworld through introspection and ritual.

How I would interpret this card would definitely depend a lot on who I was reading for.  From a suggestion to open oneself to the magic of the everyday, seeking joy in everything and looking around oneself with eyes of wonder rather than scepticism, to a suggestion of opening to psychic powers and communing with the faeries, this lady offers messages of magic available to whatever degree we allow ourselves to believe in it. 

Seeing the faeries as creatures who could gather information without people being aware of their presence also allows for the interpretation of being open to messages from our unconscious, from our intuition.  A suggestion that, if we pay attention, we will know the answers we seek about those around us.

For me, today, I think this card holds a message of paying close attention to what is going on around me, and adapting myself to fit.  It is my second class with a new supervisor/tutor, and I think his ideas are very different to mine.  Despite being of a philosophy that advocates challenging fixed ideas, I'm not sure he's willing to challenge his own preconceptions.  So, I may need to stick to what he will accept, rather than offering up alternate possibilities. 

I am grateful for the strength of my intuition, when I choose to use it.


  1. Very cool image. I can imagine these as giant posters/prints in a room. Is that a nest on her head? Maybe hatching ideas--hehee. Really interesting image.

    Hugs and good day!!!

  2. Ha, I just saw it as an ornate crown, with her hair inside. Interesting perspective, MM. Perhaps her hair is a tangled nest, what would that say about her thoughts. Maybe she needs those faeries to come and clear her head out of all the weight and junk :)

    I think Ciro does sell these as prints...

    Hugs and a good day to you, too!!