Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mixed Sauna

The Universal Wirth Tarot Majors, with their old-fashioned colours, nevertheless manage to bring some interesting twists to traditional archetypes.

Today's card, the Sun, is a case in point.  Instead of a boy on a horse, or two children dancing, we have a man and a woman clothed only in cloths tied around their waists.  She wears a blue cloth, colour of communication and emotion, while he wears a red cloth, colour of passion and life at its most basic level.  They stand in a circle of flowers, under a bright Sun, with sunny droplets like beads of sweat around them.  Is the Sun dripping its energy down to them, all that brightness brought into a more human, useable form?  The message I see here is about the need for balance in order to best utilize the energy at our disposal.

Today I have another busy day ahead, with lots to do, but little structure to help me do it.  Some work, some studying, some exercise, as well as my role as carer...

I am grateful for the reminder to check my priorities and balance my needs and responsibilities to make the most of my time and energy.

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