Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mother Time

Ha, how funny is that?  Today, the same card that came out to play in yesterday's video blog shows her face again!  Drawing from the Oracle of Visions (Ciro Marchetti, 2011), we meet Mother Time.

To me, she feels like a cross between the inward-looking intuitive aspects of the High Priestess, and the time and wisdom aspects of the Hermit.  She reminds us to be true to ourselves, to seek spiritual knowledge.  She also reminds us that this often requires us to let go of the past, to let go of received wisdom, and to be in the moment.  She doesn't try to cling to what was, but allows time to flow, knowing that there will be beauty in each moment, magic always at our fingertips.  She may light our way sometimes, but she also tells us that only we can walk it - that each one of us has our own journey in life.  And that ultimately we must trust that we will find the path that suits us best.

One of the messages for me here is about not letting past failures stop me from acting now.  Just because I have not done something, or not done it to my satisfaction, in the past, has no bearing on what I do now.  I get to choose anew in each moment. 

I am grateful for the reminder to choose wisely in each moment of life, without regrets for the past.


  1. Unbelievable! I've posted that video on my Facebook Astrology Page (madam Kighal's Astrology) and today in my inbox-I have what to see-synchronicity-or/and sign that remind us so we can't ignore-and for everyone message is the same and completly different...Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Hi Lilith,

    Synchronicity is great, isn't it? And I love your comment about the message being the same and yet completely different for everyone - so true!

    1. I am sorry I am not a little bit more active here, but I built my blogs and website and all socials nets solo, so...but I am loyal to your messages that comes into my inbox- and I really LOVE them. I have used to susbscribe to many tarotologist (let put it that way now, for this occasion. only) and now, only you and one nice tarot website come to my inbox...! Keep that way!

    2. Hi Lilith/Madam Kighal, I'm glad you're still enjoying these posts. Although I'm not very into astrology, your site looks very informative :)

  3. MOTHER Time!?

    Wow! I love this idea! Usually it's Father Time - the father who devours how own children - but the idea of a mother has something more 'nurturing'about it. :)

    I am not too keen of Marchetti's art, but I confess I like the look of this specific card! Thank you for sharing your views on it!

  4. Pretty card. I do like Ciro's art. I love what you wrote about the High Priestess/Hermit "blend" that you see in this card.

  5. Hi Marina,

    Ciro doesn't actually name this card Mother Time, it's just that's what I saw in it. I get why it's often Father Time - all about structure and authority, as well as studiousness. Still, given the tales of the Norns and other female triple deities in charge of birth, life and death, there's plenty of mythology to support a Mother time, too :)

  6. Hi Zanna,

    I do think there are some absolutely gorgeous cards in this deck, though there's also just a couple I'm not so sure about. And it's great that, as an Oracle, Ciro felt able to play more with archetypes. There are quite a few that feel like blends or variations, and others which are completely different...