Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm not sure I like today's card from the Oracle of Visions much. 

He reminds me of the tarot Magician, but there's something in his face and clothes that screams mountebank.  Rather than manifesting his ideas, he seems to be just for show, perhaps trying to trick us into something.  Delighting in the impossible, and pretending it's all real, I certainly wouldn't buy a used car from him.  This card reminds me to beware of things that seem too good to be true, or people who are offering something that seems amazing.

Today my Dear One and I head off for our weekend away, which we've been planning for two months.  In this there is more of traditional Magician traits - making an idea into a reality.  We're going to a spa recommended by my MIL, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I am grateful for the joys of a plan coming to fruition.


  1. Oh goodness, that reminds me of Jedward! If ever two boys can make magic out of nothing, it's those two - magicians indeed!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    Ali x

  2. Ha, now you say it, Ali... :)

    We've made it to the hotel, next stop a swim and steam - bliss!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, too!
    Chloë x

  3. Hi Sharyn, yes, I see your point, too! A great musician, with plenty of focus. Not sure I'd trust him, though...