Sunday, 22 January 2012

No Good Deed...

In this Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen, Pentacles are represented by what I take to be roulette wheels.  I think it's a great symbolic association!

I also like the decorative effect achieved in this card, where the aspect of give and take is suggested mainly by the scales and the difference in dress between the high class lady and the ragamuffin children.  A lovely touch, too, to have the lady in colour and the kids in sepia tones!

Will the lady give the children some food?  Might they, in turn, steal her rings?  As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished...  Still, I would rather think that she will feed them and give them a few coins to take back to their family, and they will thank her, bring a smile to her face, and help her out should they ever have the opportunity.

Today my Dear One and I head home after our lovely spa break.  Did we deserve it?  I think so...  Will we be grateful to the people who cared for Big Boy while we were away?  Most definitely!  And what is the greatest gift I will receive today?  Hugs from my boy!

I am grateful for time away, and even more for the reunion.


  1. Aww...

    Glad you had a nice time together. I'm going on a date with my hubby today. Good timing as we're been so tense lately.

    This deck is neat-o. It kind of reminds me of charmingly vintage but 80's artwork. It has a great personality! I know what you mean about photo collage decks--sometimes they're really disappointing, but this one is really worthwhile!

    Homecoming Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Hope your date goes well! As for good timing, I guess it's a way to release pressure. Still, it was kind of hard coming home today as BB is not very well.

    Yes, I'm really enjoying this deck, and can see what you mean about the vintage feel. It's good as photo collage decks go, but I can't see it becoming a love of mine. Still, everyone's different...

    Nice-night-out hugs,