Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oracle of Visions Video Review

OK, so I've been feeling inspired just lately!  Here is another review, quite different to the last.  I look at the Oracle of Visions deck by Ciro Marchetti (Self Published, 2011).  As I go through all the cards quite quickly, I didn't feel it was necessary to edit in lots of extras.  Apologies for the glare on some of the cards, I hope it isn't too distracting.  Once again, let me know what you think.  Do you prefer this style, or the other one?  Or don't really mind?  This one was a lot less work... :)


  1. You did a marvelous job with this video, Chloë!

    The video flowed very smoothly, which was very nicely facilitated by the pulling of cards and the way you described them. Love it!


  2. Hi MM,

    Like your new pic :)

    Thanks, it's good to hear that the flow worked. I hope this style might be okay, as it's so much less work than the other, where I have to scan images and do lots of editing. Though I need to sort out the glare issue! I often can't see it when I lean to look in the screen, but then it returns when my shadow is out of the way *d'oh* Anyhow, it's all a learning curve, right?

    Smoothly flowing hugs,

  3. Thanks, DAHLING,

    It is a pic from a few years ago but I thought it was cute. I'm a bit obsessed with photos--I can't wait to get a better camera. Perhaps after we've settled things financially and got a different house, etc.

    Hope you have a lovely one,