Friday, 13 January 2012

Poking a Snake

The Universal Wirth Tarot ends on a run of Majors.

Today's card is the Hermit, though he's rather a temerarious one: I wouldn't want to go rashly poking at a snake with a stick!  He holds his light high, to better see what he's doing.  Interpreting this card as I might a dream, I take the snake to be another aspect of the Hermit.  Thus he tries to illuminate his own capacity for transformation.  Self-study, then, for the purpose of spiritual development and change.

In some instances, self-development is best aided by other people.  However, with the Hermit the suggestion is that we take time out, by ourselves, to look inward as well as possibly studying from books.

Today I need to get some work done.  After that, though, perhaps I can make the time to read a fascinating book that arrived yesterday.  I also feel the need to digest some of what came out emotionally yesterday.  Meditation seems in order...

I am grateful for the wisdom to be found in books, which I can read and process in my own time.


  1. What an interesting hermit! I love the coloring in this deck, what needs to be there is there, exactly enough and no more, unlike Ciro's Oracle whose very saturation makes my eyes bleed...

  2. Hiya Sharyn,

    Evidence, if more were needed, of how different we all are. I like the Universal Wirth mainly for the non-traditional pips. The colours of the Majors strike me as dull and clown-like. Whereas I find Ciro's Oracle sumptuously beautiful :) Always interesting to hear a different perspective!