Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Reach Out

Today's image from the Oracle of Visions (Ciro Marchetti, 2011) seems like a cross between steampunk, magic and the performing arts - three influences that all seem quite strong in this deck.

Looking at this image, the song "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand" echoes in my head.  What kind of magical contraption is he holding to connect to his distant love?  These days we have so many means of communication at our disposal.  Do they make our messages clearer?  How close do we really feel to those who are not with us in the flesh?

I notice, too, the juggling sticks he holds, and the stars that decorate his body - an ability to shine at something we do, even if we have to balance different projects or aspects of life.  His muscular acrobats body speaks of years of practice and hard-work to achieve this mastery.

Below the magical communication device are a face mask and a flame - the soul burns brightly, with no need to hide, yet he keeps his options open - we do not always have to show all that we are to everyone.  Communication involves a willingness to be seen and heard, as well as a willingness to see and hear the other - both sides are necessary to truly connect.  

Today I don't have to rely on modern (or magical) means of communication.  We are going for tea with some friends who had a baby on the Winter Solstice - meeting my goddaughter or whatever the equivalent is if you're not Christian.  Also, another friend who has got a job in the South Pacific is back for a few days on business, and staying with them.  So, instead of relying on email, we shall see him in person, perhaps for the last time in three years (his contract time).

I am grateful for the many ways of connecting with others that are available.

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