Sunday, 8 January 2012

Spiritual Rising

The Minor Arcana in the Universal Wirth Tarot are a new addition to the deck which, as with most pre-RWS decks, had unillustrated pips.  They are very unusual - quite simple yet still expressive.

Today's card is a perfect case in point.  This Seven of Wands shows the wands in two formations - a square and a triangle, stability and creativity.  Within the square, animals representative of the four main apostles or the four elements - an eagle (air), a ram (fire), a bull (earth) and a crustacean (water).  The sense I get from this is that we need a solid foundation, a good grounding in our subject, before we can get creative.  The passion and excitement of the Ace of Wands has, in this card, been shored up by hard work so that it is ready to manifest in creative ways.  This is true whether we are talking about a work project, and hobby, or spiritual seeking.

I notice, too, that the overall shape formed is like that of a house drawn by a child - a triangular roof on a square house.  That sense of being able to do something you believe in, based on solid foundations, can also feel like a home-coming, arriving at who you really are.

Today we head home.  So, a less metaphorical home-coming.  Perhaps I will feel illuminated and refreshed from this quick break...

I am grateful for a home that I love, and for feeling at home with myself.


  1. Welcome home (soon)...
    Sorry I haven't commented as much lately. I admit I've been preoccupied but I hope to relax more from now on.

    Very interesting card indeed. Aren't those the animals they show on the World card? Very astrological/elemental. Interesting.

    Hugs and Homecoming,

  2. Hi MM,

    Thanks, it's good to be home! Big Boy is always fussy when we're away, crying at each new bed. When we put him to bed in his own room again he giggled, rolled over, and went right to sleep! Bliss :)

    As for the animals on the card, I think on the World card there is no crustacean, and a human/angel figure instead. Hmm, will have to check my decks...

    Hope things are settling down for you, too.
    Homebody Hugs,