Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Strange Queen

After yesterday, with one of the cards I most like from this deck, today Clarissa Drengsen's Steampunk Tarot ups the ante, offering me a challenge in the form of the Queen of Pentacles.

In my video review I identified this as a card I'm uncertain about.  Someone holds a mini-roulette wheel in front of the woman's eye (the hand that holds those scissor/tong things can't be hers - look at the way the hand is facing!)  Across that eye is a swathe of material with cogs on it, and the Queen has a hand to her chin, pensive.

Does she look at life through a prism of material and financial understandings?  That feels more like the King of Pentacles to me.  How about seeing what lies underneath appearances to how things tick?  That would seem to be the Page of Pentacles' purview.  Is she crafting things together from different bits and pieces to make something worthwhile for herself and her loved ones?  That would represent more of what I traditionally associate with this Queen's entrepreneurial nature.

What resonates with me today is actually the strange tongs, in a somewhat negative sense.  I am taking Big Boy to see a specialist, someone who operated on him last year.  So, an association with medical equipment and the practicalities of doctor's visits.  And I guess the nurturing side of the Queen of Pents is there, taking care of the physical needs of my child.

I am grateful for the wonders of modern medicine, that can patch up many an ill. 


  1. What a strange card, indeed! Kind of makes me wince (any kind of sharp implements in front of my eye tend to do that)...but I hope it just brought to mind what it did and that things go well for BB and whatever is going on with him goes especially well.

    Gentle, scalpel-free hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    I know what you mean about sharp implements in front of your eye! Thanks for the well wishes, it actually went mainly okay. He wants to put BB on steroids for a while. Still, some of his other ideas have pushed us to decide to go for a second opinion :/

    Gentle hugs to you, too,