Sunday, 29 January 2012


Despite its soft-coloured artwork and angelic energy, the Watcher Angel Tarot can still speak to the harder topics in life.  Today's card is a case in point: the Ten of Swords has the keyword "Tragedy".

In the foreground, ten swords plunge into the grassy earth.  Behind them, on a lake or sea, a burning boat drifts away from the shore, a floating funeral pyre.  On a small jut of land, a caped figure stands, windswept and forlorn.

Letting go is never easy, whether it is a person, a pet, an idea or an aspect of ourselves that we must release.  However, turning every ending into a tragedy may not be the most helpful response.  Acknowledging what is ending without turning it into a drama, we can think of all that was, allow it its due time, and then turn our thoughts to pastures new.

What I'd like to release today is my craving for sweets.  Having spent nearly a year avoiding processed sugar, I have succumbed again over the last month.  There's one bit of me that says it should be okay for me to occasionally eat some biscuits, that it's no great tragedy.  Another part says that I want to be in control of whether or not I eat sweets, and at the moment it doesn't feel that way.  Last year, what helped me was a dream.  Not being a lucid dreamer, though, I can't summon one on demand.  Perhaps I need to come up with a spell to focus my intent...

I am grateful for fruit, nature's answer to chocolate.


  1. These cards are very beautiful. Seem very calming. I like them a lot. They don't have that lack of depth that a lot of angel decks have.

    Ah, the sweets. I had a few drinks the other night and didn't feel so wonderful for doing so yesterday morning. I have been on my strict diet for about five or so more months now and couldn't resist the idea of a Mc Donalds yesterday. I am not a lover of that kind of food, but nothing else seemed as right for the moment. I don't think that the scales and I will be on good terms when I next meet them, lol.


  2. Hi PLN,

    I agree, these are a cut above many angel decks, and the fact that they are a proper tarot is another plus.

    Five months on your diet certainly won't be cancelled out by one McD's, so I hope you cut yourself some slack. I'm trying to do the same :)