Saturday, 28 January 2012


This week I will be drawing from the fascinating Watcher Angel Tarot (self-published: SpiralFire Studio, 2011), which I did a video review of here.

What a lovely card to start the week!  The Two of Cups, with the keyword "Union", shows a couple with their arms about one another looking up into a sky filled with shooting stars.  They stand at the side of a lake, with young saplings springing up around them.  The man's arm is raised, as though waving to the stars, and the woman holds a golden cup, with another at the man's feet.

Beyond the traditional associations of true love, soul connection, partnership, and seeing eye to eye, there is a sense of wonder and hope to this card.  There is also a suggestion of the spiritual side to union - it makes me think of Starhawk's statement that all acts of love are sacred.

Today my Dear One is travelling an hour or so to a forest to go biking - single track.  You can check out a video of this sport here (no-one related to me, but it is one of the places my DO goes).  So, I see this card being less about romantic love and more about a union with my Higher Self.  I hope to dedicate some time today to doing a couple of readings with this deck for the Tarot Blog Hop, which will be posted on the 31st of January at 12pm UTC (the successor to Greenwich Mean Time, can't really tell the difference).

I am grateful for some time to commune with spirit.


  1. What a lovely post, Chloe. And an intriguing deck. All acts of love are sacred. Yep, needed that message today. Thank you.

  2. Interesting twist on the 2 of Cups! I generally do see it as a partnership with someone else (whether love or business) BUT I love your concept of seeing it as a relationship to one's higher self. That's a really healthy way of looking at it psychologically. What can I say? I guess I'm hopelessly co-dependent.

    Have a lovely Sunday,

  3. Hi Arwen,

    Glad to be of assistance :) And yes, I think it's a lovely deck.

    Hi MM,

    I think many of us have that tendency to focus on others in our lives, which makes it all the more important to turn our attention inward, at least now and then :) And as this card suggests, things are never hopeless!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, too,