Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arwen's Candle Spread

On the 31st of January, a bunch of bloggers took part in the first ever Tarot Blog Hop for Imbolc.  Lots of great posts were written, and lovely spreads created.  I designed one, and tried out Barbara Moore's one.  Now, I'd like to give Arwen's a whirl.  I'll call it Arwen's Candle Spread, as she didn't name it (so, I'm not the only one!)  For this reading, I decided to use Arwen's deck of choice, the beautiful, soulful Gaian Tarot.

1. Where do I lack spark? - Eight of Air

This is a real card of community, of sharing.  It shows people in circle, listening and being heard, together.  And it has to be admitted, I haven't been doing very much of this lately.  My social life is almost entirely on-line, which is great as it means I actually have a social life, but still not the same as getting together with people, face to face and at the same time.  Now that I'm only at college for supervision, in a group of two, I see very few people other than my clients (also not many).  

I miss that sense of sharing.  I met up with an old Uni friend a couple of days ago, to try to get out more, and I'll be having a weekend away with a couple of girlfriends soon.  Hopefully, that will re-light my spark, and I will find ways to have more of this sense of community. 

2. Where am I creating light? - Ten of Air

In traditional decks, this card would be the Ten of Swords.  However, the Gaian Tarot has a quite different take on things.  This card speaks of migration, of moving on when conditions change.  

In this position, I associate it with the clients I counsel at a bereavement centre - each one trying to move on after the death of a loved one.  I hope that my work offers them some light in a dark place - a friendly face, and someone to listen to their pain and their struggle to find who they are, without that other person.

I certainly notice what many people have said: that helping others is also a way to heal myself.  It gives me something to feel good about, and an outside focus.  So, by creating light for others, I also shed it for myself.

3. Where am I burning the candle at both ends? - Strength

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this card was "pacifying the beast".  I think for me it's about having to try to control my own demons, and also having to deal with Big Boy's tantrums.  Even my Dear One had a bit of a meltdown last week that I had to get to the root of.  Trying to be strong for everyone else, and handling my own rage, fear, sadness and worries, sometimes leaves me exhausted.  

I notice the lemniscate over her head, symbol of infinity, and think that if this is unending it feels pretty unbearable.  So, I had better find some more ways to get support with this, to shoulder a bit less myself or have better techniques to cope with screaming tantrums, kicking, slapping, hair pulling and the rest.  Not to worry, that's only from Big Boy, my Dear One just shouts a lot :)

This spread worked well, I think.  Not only did I identify some areas that need a bit of work, but also some possible ways of doing that.  Thanks Arwen, and seek joy y'all!


  1. HAHAHAHA BUSTED!Now I need to go back and name that spread, eh?

    I think you nailed it on Strength about finding more areas of support. You can't do it all, sugar. No matter how fabulous you are.

    Grumble. Can't believe you busted me on the same thing I got you on. I'm laughing so hard I have tears.

  2. Hiya Arwen,

    Or you can not worry about it this time, but remember for next time ;D I've already named my spread for the Ostara Blog Hop (though I haven't done the reading with it or written it up, I'm not as organised as Donnaleigh!)

    Glad to be able to share some laughs :D The joys of on-line community!

    Wishing you a joyful rest of the weekend,