Friday, 10 February 2012

Baba Yaga

For this last day with the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006), I drew Baba Yaga.

This is a surprisingly "pretty" version of this Goddess (or female archetype, as she's more of a folktale), who is normally depicted as a child-eating hag who lives in a house on chicken legs and flies around in a pestle.  Still, even in the folktales she is acknowledged as someone who doesn't conform, and who is a source of wisdom.  I like the fact that she is clearly a crone, but no less strong and beautiful for it. 

She is the wild energy of the crone who lives outside the village, respected and feared for her herbal lore and other knowledge.  She pays no mind to traditional authority structures, and is more interested in the natural world than in human politics and prejudices.  I love her amazing red robe that seems to be almost alive, shining with golden, magical creatures.

Today I see my osteopath, who has a bit of this energy.  She's an amazing woman, strong and wise, who doesn't kowtow to anyone or anything.  She doesn't just manipulate bones, but sees the body on an energetic level.  And she also always has great suggestions on a range of subjects, from yoga poses to supplements to child development.  I also see in this card a call to get in touch with my inner wisdom, to get a different perspective on life through pathworking.

I am grateful for the wild women in my life.

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