Friday, 17 February 2012

Beauty and the Beast

After yesterday's nod to Samson and Delilah, today the Heart Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) offers us Beauty and the Beast as Temperance.

By their dress and aspect, this pair suggest the balancing of fire and water, as well as other notional opposites: male/female, large/small, monstrous/human.  This Beauty and the Beast notion is one that could quite easily translate to the Strength card, and yet here the feeling is very different.  They seem to be partners - sharing generously, seeing each other as equals - rather than one controlling the other, no matter how gently.  The message I get is that sometimes, in order to find balance, we need to combine disparate elements, counter-intuitive ingredients, that still somehow work together.

Certainly today I've got rather a lot of different things that need taking care of: forms to fill in so Big Boy can go horse-riding; more forms, for medicines for Big Boy; yet more forms, for business this time, and in German; writing something to present at college next week; emails to respond to and snail mail to take to the post office; birthday presents to buy, for a child and a friend.  Hopefully I'll get the mix right and achieve all my goals, making for a productive day, despite the odd bedfellows it contains.

I am grateful for the variety in my life.


  1. good luck on your productivity adventures today :]

  2. The "Beauty" looks very Vermeer-like doesn't she? I have this deck but rarely see people use it so I have been enjoying your draws with it.
    (Blogger won't take my WordPress ID again) JJ (woley)

  3. Hi Bonkers,

    Thanks, I got everything done except buying the present for a child :b

    Hi Woley,

    Sorry about the WordPress trouble! I hadn't thought of the comparison with Vermeer, but I can see what you mean, with the colours and style of dress :) I've really enjoyed using this deck, though I still wouldn't use it much for clients - too tricky to shuffle. Still, for a Valentine's Day reading or maybe a hen party it would work a treat!