Monday, 20 February 2012


Another surreal image from the Tokens of Light by Orna Ben-Shoshan!

A huge flower blossoms, raising its head high.  Under one bud is a little man with a golden hat and a blue top.  And above it all, a curtain pelmet suggests raising the curtain on a performance, looking out of place against the blue sky brushed with wisps of fine cloud.

The keywords for this token are fertility, openings and blossom.  It is the second token associated with Peh, elementally related to Earth, and to the Tower card.  It seems a very positive card of growth and possibilities.  The light side of the Tower, the new shoots sprouting after the storm. 

The line from the booklet that most chimes with me today is: "Stuck energies begin to move, and changes occur for the better." As I read that I thought, "From your mouth to God's ears".  It's a phrase I associate with the Spanish, but it turns out (thanks, Google) that it's actually far older than that, being a Hebrew phrase.  And so, it fits this token even better than I thought.

Yesterday I began unsticking some of my energy.  I did some filing that has been sitting around my office for 8 months (yes, I know that's bad), and plan to do more (yes, there's more!)  Today I have a presentation to do for my supervisor, who I find rather difficult.  Hopefully this will be some of the changes for the better - perhaps if I change my energy we won't conflict so much...

I am grateful for energy that comes unstuck.

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