Saturday, 4 February 2012

Candle Part Two

Earlier in the week, I took part in the first Tarot Blog Hop.  Jumping from post to post, there were so many interesting ideas and spreads, as well as moving takes on the subject of How to be a Better Candle.  I just couldn't resist trying out some of the spreads for myself.  The one that called to me most was Barbara Moore's Imbolc Spread.   I decided to stick with the Watcher Angel Tarot for this spread, as it speaks to me, and as it was the deck I worked with for the Blog Hop.

1) Purify: what I need to wash away, let go of, or make right - XX - Judgment - Archangel Michael.

Ha, as soon as I turned this card over it made perfect sense to me.  Last week in my video reading with this deck, I got the King of Swords as the action to avoid, and I see these two cards being closely related.  I need to stop judging myself, to stop seeing the world and my actions in a very logical, rational and critical way. 

In the Watcher Angel Tarot, the author (Michelle Belanger) chose Michael for the Judgment card because, as she says, sometimes we need spirit to let us know that we need to get back on the right path.  So, perhaps I need to do a meditation on Archangel Michael and ask him to help me cut the ties that are holding me to patterns I no longer want.  Rather than just feeling bad about these things, I need to ask for help in clearing them away. 

2. Prepare: what I can focus on and re-establish (or strengthen) in my life and that will serve me in months ahead - IV - The Emperor - Azazel.

Again, this is a bit of a *d'oh* card.  To prepare myself for the future I need to do some planning, to create structures which support me in making the changes I want.  It's all well and good to decide I want to do things differently, but unless I actually set the ground rules, I won't know what to do or be able to assess how I'm doing.

Bringing some Emperor energy, some clarity and structure, to my life, will serve me in the months to come as I try to implement those changes, and live a better, brighter life.

3. Shine: how I can gently shine in my everyday life and that will be of service or inspiration to others - Three of Pentacles - Craftsmanship.

This is a beautiful card, and one I blogged about during the week.  That post was a bit different to my normal writing - I felt transported into the card.  The Three of Pentacles generally has been speaking to me a lot recently.

I feel the need to be more creative, to focus on doing something that honours the Goddess in her imaginative, inventive aspect.  This fits very well with an Imbolc Spread, as it was designed for Brighid's Day, with Brighid being a Goddess of inspiration, of expressing our divine spark.

On a less esoteric note, I am currently reading a book called "Finding Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  He says that rather than just trying to be happy, we need to engage with life in a way that he calls being in flow.  It's what athletes call being in the zone.  Csikszentmihalyi defines it as those times when we are doing something challenging and enjoyable, when we lose track of time because we are so in the moment.  Being transported into a place of creativity is definitely this kind of flow.  Being thoroughly engaged in something is a great way to break out of negative patterns, and is certainly a way to shine my own gentle light.

So, I need to ask for help in letting go of bad habits, rather than just feeling guilty and stuck.  Planning and setting ground rules for myself which give me a structure for the months to come will stand me in good stead.  And in the everyday, I need to tap into my creativity, producing something that feels worthwhile, that takes some dedication, and that will stimulate and engage me.

I am grateful to Barbara Moore for this simple yet deep spread.


  1. I'm so amused because this is the first of the spreads I chose as well. Just a well done spread that is deceptively deep for three cards. Permalink:

  2. This looks like a great follow-up to your previous candle spread! Now I really have to try it! I never did do it the first time around. Thanks for the reminder.

    There is a LOT of focus on personal power and WORK/CAREER in your cards. I think that's cool, seeing as you just finished your counseling education and are heading in that direction. I think it makes sense.

    Big Hugs,

  3. Hi Arwen,

    Your spread was a close second, but I really liked Barbara's spread and it felt really appropriate for me right now. Will look forward to reading your take on it, too :)

    Hi MM,

    Funny, I didn't really see my counselling work in the Three of Pentacles, as it's rather a Cupsy/Swordsy profession, rather than a Pentacley one, if you get my meaning ;) I shall have to think about that...

    Good luck if you do try any of these spreads, several of them were really good, and you may see a Candle part 3 or 4 in the future :)

    Big hugs,

  4. Ooh! I'm going to do this spread, too, on my blog!! Thanks for sharing! :)