Monday, 6 February 2012

Changing Woman

Another day, another Goddess :)  Today's card from the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) is Changing Woman, like yesterday's card a Native American deity.

And certainly, this lady is all about transitions.  She represents the cycles in life, both large and small.  From waking to sleeping, from monthly cycles to the wheel of the year, and through the evolution from maiden to mother to crone, she is there to guide and support.  I love the rainbow of energy whirling out from her calm centre.  She is the eye of the storm!

I'm not appreciating the cycle of the seasons as much as I could right now.  We have snow here, since Saturday night, and rather than appreciating its pristine, white beauty - well, there's plenty of grey, black and yellow in there, too, now :/ - all it makes me think about is whether Big Boy's school bus will be able to get to us, and whether I'll be able to go to University this afternoon. 

We went out for a family walk in the snow yesterday, but Big Boy didn't much appreciate it.  I think his snow boots itched him, so he kept trying to kick them off, and didn't seem to get why we didn't want him walking around barefoot!  At the time it was really trying, but looking back, there is something cute in the retelling...

I am grateful for change - what is hard today will be easier tomorrow.


  1. Aww.

    Yeah, I know that well! Those sensory issues with textures and such. Can make it frustrating for dressing or going out. I like what you said about it sounding cute in retrospect. I guess that's every parent's saving grace.

    Lotsa Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Have to admit, I sometimes think Big Boy will go live in a nudist colony when he's grown up - so not impressed with clothes! ;D That's another thing we parents get to enjoy - silly daydreams of the future, so long as we don't take them seriously.

    Lotsa hugs back,