Thursday, 16 February 2012


Lots to think about with today's version of Strength, from the Heart Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2009)!

What I first see is Delilah, about to shear Samson and rob him of his Strength: feminine wiles and ill-intent combined.  This is an unusual take on what I normally consider a positive, female-centric card: using compassion and gentleness to harness baser forces.  If we see this as ourselves and another, which are we?  Are we being tricked, allowing ourselves to be weakened?  Or are we abusing someone's trust, attacking them for our own gain?

Another aspect to it is the more overt male-female dichotomy - less obvious in cards where a woman holds a lion, or even where a man wrestles a dragon or a crocodile.  So, perhaps there is something here about an inner battle between our masculine and feminine aspects, and how we make peace between them.  Does one overwhelm the other, or can we find a balance that makes the most of each?

This card makes me think about the rage I posted about quite a lot last year.  I have been feeling less of that recently.  Partly because things have been better with Big Boy - he's making some really great progress.  Partly, I hope, due to my own efforts in terms of self-exploration through journalling, readings, and meditation.  I would like to think that my rage is asleep, rather than shorn of its power.  After all, rage can be a good thing, too.  Still, right now I am glad there is less rage in my life and more joy.

I am grateful for Arwen and her message to seek joy!


  1. I'm so glad that BB is progressing and that your rage has subsided. I had similar feelings when the horrible, constant tantrums and intense sensory issues were going on (got really, really bad). Now I'm happy if it's just bad ADHD or moodiness. These things definitely put things in perspective, don't they?

    In any event, I'm so glad to hear things are better overall.

    Lots of Hugs!

  2. Hi MM,

    Thanks, I'm delighted, too. And yes, it does put things in perspective. Hope you're taking some time to rest and rejuvenate - still plenty of moving work ahead, but at least you can kick back a little now :)

    Loadsa hugs,