Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flexibility and Adaptability

This week I will be drawing from Orna Ben-Shoshan's self-published Tokens of Light.  You can find a video review of this oracle here.

For this first token, I pulled 37, which correlates to the Hebrew letter Mem, and is attributed to the Hanged Man, according to Orna's system.  The phrase from her interpretation that chimes most with me for today is: "Things progress under the surface, concealed activity with motives that are a mystery to others."

As for the image, I notice the clouds on the character's suit, connecting them to the sky (despite this being a card associated with the element of water).  The "face" is held on by string - a mask to hide what is going on underneath.  And in the background, a surprise parcel.  I like the green branch in his hand, but I do wonder about those pants!

Bringing it all together, what I see is someone trying to blend in, but doing a poor job of it.  Yet the creativity and wonder are there, too.  So, misunderstood, but doing one's own thing, going with the flow, even if others seem to be in a different river.

For myself, the phrase keeps calling me back, and I think that my motives are a mystery to myself, as well as to others.  Still, if I can trust that there is progress, even if I'm not sure where it's going, and creativity, even if I'm not sure what the result will be...

I am grateful for progress, however it happens.

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