Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Healing and Repair

Today's card from the Tokens of Light is the follow-on from yesterday's card.  So, it is the third aspect of the hebrew letter Yod, associated with the Tower in tarot, and with the keywords healing and repair. 

I really like these two strange figures ministering to mini-cows.  Their clothes are the red of security, the yellow of dealing with emotions and seeking enlightenment, with a little heartfelt, growthful green thrown in for good measure.  Their glasses are purple, for wisdom - they see beyond the apparent.  The cows, although the size of toys, seem very animated, the central one lifting it's head as though to snuggle against the hand of the man tending it.

The message I see here is to accept assistance offered, and to take time to heal and repair, be that the body, mind or soul.  There is also something about the joy of helping others, and the benefits we gain from lending our assistance.  This can be in terms of feeling good about ourselves,  receiving recognition from others, and learning something in the process.  A reminder that, when someone helps another, both parties receive something of value.

Certainly I hope that will be the case today, as I see one new counselling client and one I've already seen for a month.  I wonder what I will learn from them...

I am grateful for the gift of healing in all its forms.


  1. Such a delightful image. The cows being green and blue, like Earth.

  2. Hi Jema,

    I hadn't noticed the cow colour scheme! Gives it an environmental interpretation, too, repairing the natural world :)