Saturday, 11 February 2012

Heart-led King

This week I will be drawing from the Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano (Lo Scarabeo, 2009), which I reviewed earlier this week.

For today's draw we have the King of Wands.  He's rather a strange chap, with his pot belly and his scrawny legs.  Not what I'd normally associate with the traditionally strong, dashing, charismatic King of Wands.  Yet this King does seem to be led by his heart, his passion.  I like the way that he sits, as though daydreaming.  Perhaps he's remembering exploits of his youth, or imagining some new project or plan, something to get fired up about once again.

I am reading a book at the moment called "Finding Flow".  So, I am trying to live more in flow, or in the zone as athletes call it.  One of the main requirements is to keep doing things which are stimulating and challenging in equal measure.  And if you have to do something that doesn't necessarily fit the criteria, you make it do so.  For example, instead of being bored doing an easy job, you can try to do it as efficiently or beautifully as possible, making each day a new challenge.  Can you imagine seeing if you can iron shirts faster, or feed the animals with less movements required?  The theory is that trying to find the challenge in the everyday keeps us from being bored and disappointed with life.  Seek joy y'all!

I am grateful for the challenges of life.


  1. I like that, doing things with intent makes even the most mundane task into magic. I read another blog post last night on the pagan blog hop about cooking with intent, just focusing on making healthy choices and putting real love into the dish. Cooking is something most of us HAVE to do every day and a perfect time to practice mindfulness and some flow. My dad (not my biologica father) he does it without even really knowing it when he shovels snow, he makes it PERFECT and something to be truly proud of. He is a grumpy old man but yes, very much led by his heart.

  2. Hi Saidenne,

    Those are excellent examples! And I love your depiction of your grumpy old heart-led father :)