Friday, 24 February 2012

Involvement and Pertinence

For this last draw with the Tokens of Light, a strange image.  How to make sense of it in the light of the keywords?

What I see is a man wrapping a sleeping figure up in ribbons, while a woman behind the sleeper seems both connected to him and yet also with her focus elsewhere.  I notice, too, the three balls of light floating around them.  One feeling I get from the card is that we should pay attention to our dreams: that they have something to tell us about our current situation or emotions; that they are pertinent to what is going on for us, even when they seem strange and disjointed.

Looking at the three people, each is involved with the others, and yet seems to be caught up in their own little world.  Perhaps a message about noticing where our focus is, and being present in our lives.  The booklet talks about family relations, and certainly we are often connected and yet disconnected with our family.

As for me, I'm off for a girly weekend, with friends I haven't seen since last June, and then only for an evening.  Yet, like the people here, my attention may be a little divided: thinking of my Dear One and Big Boy back home.

I am grateful for time spent with friends.

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