Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) is wonderfully illustrated, with women of all shapes, ethnicities, and ages.  It also isn't shy when it comes to some of the scarier Goddesses.

This is a fearsome, beautiful card!  Kali - whose name derives from the Sanskrit word for black, time and death - was originally revered as a creatrix and destroyer who lived in cremation grounds.  Associated with the black of night, the passage of time, and the sacrifice of the ego, we can see why she is a Goddess to fear.  And yet, she is also the nature of the Universe.

We fear losing our sense of self, and we fear death, yet in the Hindu religion both of these were seen as things we have to get over if we are to be spiritually free.  Yet it is frightening, too, to think of being truly free, unbounded.  This reminds me of a spiritual teaching by Ramana Maharshi, where he advises self-enquiry as a form of liberation.  His simple practice is to ask yourself "Who am I?"  I might answer, "A woman, a mother, a daughter."  Asking again, "Who am I?" this time I say,  "A teacher, a homemaker, a student, a tarot reader."  Asking again, more layers will emerge.  Yet none of these are ultimately I.  So, Ramana Maharshi taught self-enquiry as a route to still the mind and realise our ultimate oneness with the Universe.  It is scary to be without the labels we have grown accustomed to, and this is one of the fears that Kali brings.

Today I am meeting up with an old University friend.  I realise that with this person I always feel stupid and uncultured.  With Kali's help, I will try to let go of my fear of feeling a fool, to enjoy my friend's company without losing my sense of being a worthwhile person.

I am grateful for the reminder that I am good enough.


  1. Well, all I can say is that if THIS person makes YOU feel stupid and uncultured, then they must be damn near Einstein BRILLIANT :-)

    I love that Kali card, it's beautiful - fearsome and compelling!

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali,

    Well, she is applying to start a Ph.D.! But really, I think it's more that she talks about stuff I have no idea about as though I should know exactly what she's saying. If I said to her she leaves me feeling Page of Swords Rx she wouldn't have a clue what I was on about, either. But I'd never do that. Plus also, I guess there's a social belief that being informed about art is good, whereas tarot isn't that mainstream yet.

    Anyhow, this time our meeting went pretty well - she actually wanted to pick my brains for some psych stuff, so it wasn't all way over my head. And she talked about some personal stuff, which I could follow and empathise with. So, it felt like a real conversation. Nice to get out and see someone IRL, too ;)

    Hope you've had a good day, and loving the new blog!
    Chloë x

  3. I know that feeling you're describing. It is a stressful feeling, but you definitely are far more than good enough. Obviously your friend must think so since she wants to see you. :D

    But anyway--glad to hear the meeting went well despite that fear/feeling. I think sometimes people who aren't comfortable with addressing their emotional life will come across as too erudite/snobby. Sorry. I don't mean that as an insult to your friend. I think this can be true for almost anyone.

    Just a thought...


  4. Hi MM,

    Thanks for your kind words. And I think you're right, at least to a degree - she's not great at doing emotions/relationships. I definitely know what you mean about us all doing that sometimes - when I feel threatened I can retreat into aloofness, too...

    Hugs to you,