Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Labour's Fruits

More crafty goodness today from the Watcher Angel Tarot (SpiralFire Studio, 2010)!

I can almost feel the heat of the forge in this card and hear the clang of the hammer on the anvil.  I feel myself transported: sweat drips from my forehead while my muscles flex and bulge with effort; my ears ring with the sound of the metal being struck, and my nose is filled with the tang of heat, metal and burning coals; my intent is pure and my focus is absolute.  Time passes, but I could not say how long it has been that I stand here pounding, tempering, heating, bending, creating. 

The fire of enthusiasm burns through me, fanned by the breath of mental focus as I shape my materials gathered from the earth, and tempered by the well of emotion I express through my creations.  Although I work alone, I am accompanied by my teachers, by the people who designed the creations I work on, by the clients who commisioned them, and by the people who gathered the materials I use and those who fashioned my tools.

I return to myself with a sense of the wholeness of the experience of crafting something.  I am filled with respect for those who can create in this way.  Although I honour my own creativity, it is not often a physical thing, and I feel like I miss this whole-body, elemental depth.

Today I will create a video reading, allowing myself to become immersed in the experience.  I will honour my creativity even if I do not create anything that can be touched or smelt.  And perhaps I will allow myself to think of what I could create in a more hands-on way, it is something that calls to me...

I am grateful for the reminder that I need to connect with creativity on a profound level.

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