Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mars Retrograde Reading

I was reading Lisa's post over at Tarotize on the Mars Retrograde we're currently being influenced by.  I really liked her spread to look at what to do to help ourselves during this period - short but sweet.  So, I decided to give it a try for myself, drawing from the Joie de Vivre Tarot (U.S. Games, 2011).
The Three of Coins as the main lesson tells me that I need to work on work, particularly how I interact with others within my work context.  Play nice with others, pulling together to channel our energy more effectively at this time of energetic challenge, is the message I get.  The card also says something about balancing all aspects of a project: designing; creating and manifesting; and clearing out or letting go.  Each must be given its due time and space.

As what not to do, the Queen of Cups cautions me not to be a drama queen, or manipulative, and also says that I shouldn't think that I have all the answers at an emotional or intuitive level.  The Queen of Cups doesn't tend to be very practical, which is what is called for by the Three of Coins.  While working together is certainly important, sharing our emotions at a personal level should take a back seat, I think.

Finally, what I should do is represented by the Hierophant.  This tells me I need to toe-the-line in terms of institutional/governmental requirements, to study and to take advice from those with more experience.  This isn't always an easy one for me - studying I'm fine with, but I can get a bit bolshy with authority.  However, in a time when Mars (with its bellicose energy) is retrograde, allowing my temper to get the better of me is not a good idea!  Growth will come from working together, and so if I have to follow someone else's lead to help make that happen, so be it.

It's interesting the ways in which this reading chimes with the video reading I did for the week.  There, too, there was something about following guidelines and working with others, as well as learning from them.

I think this reading was useful.  Working in emotional professions (counselling and tarot), it can be easy to forget to stay practical, and especially that I can't always do everything by myself.  Let's hope I can put this advice to good use...


  1. Great reading with this simple spread, Chloe. I love how the Martian energies came out in the 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn)!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I have to admit my astrological knowledge, including its links to the tarot, is very limited. I didn't realise I'd pulled a Mars in Capricorn card - duh. From Helen's newsletter, I didn't really get a full sense of what the retrograde means for Mars. A blocking of energy, as well as the possibility of misdirecting that somewhat forceful energy, are what came to my mind. Anyhow, thanks for creating this spread, I really enjoyed it, and hope to take its advice!

  3. Mars retrograde is probably the roughest retrograde. I remember one from several years back, when Pele was born. I was extremely cranky, overdue, and then the labor itself was awful. Everything seemed harder. Energy is blocked, unavailable. But all retrogrades give the chance to review and revise things, for whatever sign or planet they're in.

    I definitely have already noticed my temper/anger/irritation/impatience flaring more than usual. The house chaos definitely makes it worse. Lol. But that said--I think maybe because this project began way before the retrograde--it allowed things to be resolved (if with difficulty) that were left hanging before. So progress was possible with previously started projects, so long as much attention to detail was given.

    Because Mars is retrograding in Virgo I think the nitpicky details (and practical details) in a project are especially important. That also seems true from what I've seen.

    Best of luck with navigating it. I bet you'll fare very well. But I think, overall, you're more level-headed than I am! Lol. I'm a fire/water combo, and I have a lot of Mars-influenced stuff in my chart due to Aries, etc, so I think this period tends to be hard for me. Even so, I'm glad some things are being resolved, even with the added stress.

    (Sorry for the rambling...I'm a little nutty).

    MUCH Love,