Sunday, 12 February 2012

Miser or Prestidigitator?

The images on the Heart Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) are largely non-traditional, though the Majors less so.

That difference is quite apparent with today's card, the Nine of Pentacles.  It reminds me more of the Four of Pentacles.  The bony old man looks rather miserly, holding his money pouch close.  Is he delighting in looking at some of his lovely coins?  The cloth on the table is very plain, yet his hat is extremely fancy, with that strange, long feather.  And the way he is holding up one of the coins makes him seem like some kind of magician, levitating the metal with the tip of his finger.

All in all, there is little or nothing of the hard-won wealth and independence I normally associate with the Nine of Pentacles.  Still, perhaps his focus on the floating coin could be taken to indicate effort and intent that has allowed him to achieve the wealth layed out in front of him.

So, what message to take from this card today?  Practice makes perfect?  Don't hold coins too long or they may stick to you?  Perhaps I should see that feather in his hat as a sign of accomplishment, with the arena of that success being making my thoughts lighter.  Add to that the suggestion of focus, and I see it recommending I put in more time chanting on my meditation cushion ;)

I am grateful that practice can be enjoyable as well as helpful.

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