Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Life As A Vampire - 2nd Bite

I really enjoyed the Vampire spread I used last week - the My Life As A Vampire Spread by Glass Owl (Aeclectic).  So, I thought I'd give it another go, but with a non-vampire deck.  What kind of vampire would the Tarot of the Mystic Spiral (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) be, I wonder?

As a vampire:

1. What would I be like? 7 of Wands

I would, in my hunger, be a grasping, rapacious, scary beast that would attack from the shadows.  I would revel in the smell of fear on my prey, and in hearing their screams.  In a more everyday context, I would also suck people into my world, whether against their will or not.  They might enjoy the depths opened up to them...

2. What aspect of my human personality or makeup would be magnified?  The Fool

My spontaneity, foolheardiness, and risk-taking would be magnified.  After all, why not leap when you know you won't die?  I would roam the world, always alive to the possibilities of my undead existence.  I think my sense of humour would be magnified, it's definitely on the dark side already.  Still, I would try to keep a sense of hope, too, and follow my star wherever it took me, be it ever so strange.

3. What would I struggle with or fear the most? 5 of Cups

I would struggle with the unendingness of it!  I think there would be sadness for those who died while I lived - having to learn to let go all the time.  And it's not just people I would have to let go of.  Fashions change, technology progresses, it's a whole worldview that I cannot get stuck in if I hope to survive.  Think about old people, harking back to the good old days.  If I live forever young, I must stay forever focused on the present, or I will become so anachronistic I cannot survive.

4. What would I strive to live for or accomplish? What would motivate me to keep going?  The Tower

As I just said, I would strive not to become rigid and fixed, to keep growing and allow change into my life.  I would also be motivated by a desire to destroy rigid dogma, to keep things fresh.  I am not an entirely traditional deck, and I think it important to challenge ideas and habits, whether my own or other people's.  So, too, I might not be a traditional vampire, questioning the ways the hierarchy demands things be done.

5. What would I excel at or embrace?  3 of Pentacles

Following on from the last two cards, I would excel at moving with the times: keeping up with new technology, and new ways of communicating.   I would remain creative and novel, using modern technology as a way of expressing myself.  I would also focus on teamwork: as I cannot go out in daylight, I would need to gather others around me who can do what I cannot.  And sometimes the two things would combine - communicating with my team via texts and emails, or whatever options technology brings in the future.

6. What part of my humanity would I try to cling to?  5 of Wands

I would try to cling to my perseverance and my noting of and enjoying the little things in life.  It would be hard for me, no longer being able to bask in the sun, to daydream by the side of a stream, to watch the cavorting of new lambs.  Still, I would take my pleasures where I found them, in the amazing patterns of a spider's web, the music of the wind in the trees.  I think I would find it hard to let go of my connections with others, too.  Even though most of them will die, there's a part of me that would regret that loss of bonds, of camaraderie, of mutual support. 

Once again, this was an interesting exercise.  I was struck by the consistency, especially of cards 3, 4 and 5.  As to which famous vampire this could be, I think I'll go with Lord Akeldama from Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series.  Although the books are set in Victorian times, this is how I imagine he might respond in the present day.  Some of that is backed up by Carriger's own blog where she has a series of questions to Lord Akeldama (see the link above).

What do you think, any particular vampire you see in this deck's future?  You might also enjoy giving the spread a go to look at your own shadow - Lisa at Tarotize did, to great effect!

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