Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Life As A Vampire

My Life As A Vampire Spread (6) by Glass O
Recently, someone on the TABI forum posted a spread, originally seen on Aeclectic.  It was suggested as a creative writing exercise, but I thought it would be an interesting way to get to know a deck - a bit different from a regular "interview".  Given that it's about being a vampire, I decided to use the Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal Night (Lo Scarabeo, 2009).  This is also a chance for me to get my Barbara Moore fix in the run-up to the publication of her Steampunk Tarot :)  The spread looks like this:

As a vampire: 
1. What would I be like?  Six of Swords

I am cold and lonely, always on the move, unable to enjoy a home and family.  Driven by my hunger, yet resisting because of the fear of harming others and turning into a monster, I never stay anywhere too long.  And when I travel, I do so by means that don't put me in close contact with others - there's too much temptation stuck on an airplane with the sweet scent of blood and the pounding of fearful hearts!

2. What aspect of my human personality or makeup would be magnified?  Queen of Swords

My rationality, and clarity of vision are magnified.  So, too, my empathy, which might be another reason for me to feel so lonely.  If I drink from those who are still human I feel guilty, yet the hunger never leaves me.  I can rationalise it all I like, but eventually I must eat.  I use that rationality to find other ways to slake my thirst, and to calm the raging hunger when I am hurt or in pain so that I don't turn on anyone.

3. What would I struggle with or fear the most?  Ace of Wands

What I fear most is creating more creatures like myself.  I deny my creativity, not wanting to inflict this curse on others.  Yet, I am also filled with passion and desire.  And others desire my touch, and even my curse.  It's hard to deny my desires and theirs, yet the price is so high...

4. What would I strive to live for or accomplish? What would motivate me to keep going?  Seven of Swords

I would strive to bring justice to the world - taking from those who have too much, or who abuse their power, to give to those in need.  My desire to do right by people would motivate me to keep going, even if sometimes I had to do what others define as wrong in order to fulfill what I see as good.  If I steal, it is because the one who holds that object is misusing it or stole it before me, and I simply return it to its rightful owner.

5. What would I excel at or embrace?  Five of Swords

I embrace the chance to help others who are in pain and suffering.  Harking back to the first card, I probably won't be able to stay with them long term, but I help them, and then go on my way...  I defend those too weak to protect themselves, and lend a helping hand to those in need.  If you have been bested by someone who abuses their power, I will right the wrong.

6. What part of my humanity would I try to cling to?  King of Pentacles

I try to cling to my ability to provide for others.  I am a natural leader, and so a group of fellow outcasts flock to me.  I keep order amongst them, and look to the practicalities of our new life.  I also continue to feel the pull of bodily pleasures, and as they allow me to be close to humans, if only for a night...

This proved to be quite an interesting exercise.  I noticed a distinct personality emerging from it, and thought about which famous vampire this would best suit.  My choice, for this deck, is Angel, from Buffy and Angel.  What do you think?  You might like to try this reading for yourself, or a deck, and see which vampire you or it resembles...


  1. This looks fun... Couldn't help but laugh out loud at the Ace of Wands... it's also a stake!! Interesting that there are no Cups cards at all in the spread. Might give this a go with my Robert M. Place Vampire Tarot later this week. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Have to admit, I didn't think of the fact the Ace of Wands could also be used as a stake ;) I'll look forward to seeing what the Robert M. Place Vampire Tarot throws up for you - I've never quite been able to befriend it, myself :b