Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) offers up a West African Goddess today in the form of Oshun.  She is also worshipped in Cuban Santería.  In both, she is connected to love, intimacy, beauty and marriage. 

Some of that can certainly be seen in this depiction.  Oshun is a curvaceous, elegant figure, even when reclining semi-naked in a waterfall :)  Above her is a waning moon, which she seems to reach out and release into the sky.  This suggests something about love being willing to let the other be who they are and go their own way.  A star shines brightly beside the moon: Venus, perhaps, and a reference to feminine beauty.   She wears a golden scarf and headdress - suggesting enlightenment and abundance - a cowry necklace - represenatative of sexuality - and peacock feather earrings - denoting beauty again. 

Although I'm working with clients in the morning and early afternoon, later I hope to show the beauty of a deck of cards in a video review.  And in the evening I am going out to dinner with my Dear One, and who knows what will be for dessert ;)  So, plenty of opportunities to express my vision of beauty and to enjoy sensual pleasures today, I hope.

I am grateful to be able to enjoy the stimulation of my senses.


  1. oh nice, looking forward to see the video review, you got a great voice by the way:-D

  2. I love this deck. So lovely. Really enjoying this week's posts, Chloe. :)

  3. Hi Saidenne,

    Glad you're enjoying this deck - it really is lovely. And hope you enjoy the review, too.

    Hi Arwen,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're enjoying the posts. I love this deck - it feels both real and beautiful.