Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Heart U

Another completely non-traditional minor today from the Heart Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2009).

Instead of someone fending off seven wands wielded by unseen assailants, as in the RWS, here we have a young child with seven coloured pencils, drawing a heart.  He lies flat out on what looks like a huge school book with grids.

This image reminds me of school days and people doodling in their books, or drawing hearts, writing people's names in them and "working out" if it was true love - my first introduction to numerology :)

This is actually a perfect card for my day.  My Dear One and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday.  It's not easy getting babysitters on one of the most popular evenings of the year.  So, instead we are going out today.  We're seeing "A Dangerous Method" (ha, almost counts as work for me *grin*), then going out for dinner.  So, a playful day out with my love :)

I am grateful for babysitters, cinemas, restaurants, and my Dear One.


  1. Ah, the film looks interesting. Not heard of that one.

    It's probably nicer to go out tonight. Less crowds, less inflated prices, more space for yourselves. Hope you have a lovely time!

    And yes, that is a strange old 7 of Wands ...

  2. Hi PLN,

    It was beautifully shot, and the male actors were pretty good, but I wasn't too impressed with Knightley, which is a shame as she was really key. It was interesting, though, to see people I've read so much about brought to life. However, they couldn't touch on a lot of the back story, and covered a relatively short period - 1904-1912. My Dear One felt he didn't get much of a sense of Jung from the film, but it really was just about the original coming together and then break up of Freud and Jung.

    Anyhow, off for dinner soon :)

  3. It does sound very apropos to your work situation! How interesting. I may have to check that out sometime.

    I'm glad you got to go on a post-V-day date. I agree that it's chaotic trying to go out that day, anyway. Although I wouldn't mind right now. I feel pretty cranky and burnt out. Actually I sent my husband downstairs just now because I wanted to be alone. Romantic? :p


  4. Hi MM,

    Well, we all need alone time! You can be romantic other times, just so long as you remember that both are important ;)

    De-stressing hugs,