Thursday, 23 February 2012

Radiating Light

Today's card from the Tokens of Light is titled: "Radiating light on the surroundings".

The man wears a golden shirt, with a blue cape and a pale green hat.  I like his intent yet gentle gaze forward at what he is interacting with.  In his hand is a hose with a tap on the end.  I have to say, I see him more as watering the world than radiating it with light.  Still, both are nurturing, growthful activities.  And his golden shirt shines, symbolising enlightenment.  Perhaps his hand on the tap transfers that light into the water, so that the water is doubley nourishing.

Supervision on Monday and working on my essay yesterday have raised some quite challenging thoughts and emotions for me.  I hope that I can explore them in therapy today.  That may not illuminate my surroundings, but just clarifying things for myself sounds like a pretty good goal for the day.

I am grateful for the opportunity to question old habits and allow new ideas into my life.


  1. That is very true. This DOES feel more like emotions rather than sunshine/radiating...

    Of course there's this element of being blasted by a spray gun or something. Either in a teasing or shocking way. How funny.

    Hope your session is enlightening and helpful.

    Water park hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Hmm, I hadn't thought of it as a water-fight :D

    My session was definitely interesting, it went places I didn't expect, and has left plenty more for next week. Like a garden, watering isn't just a one-off thing, I guess.

    Hope your week has been good, and that the weekend is even better!
    Toweling hugs,