Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Romeo & Juliet

There's a real Romeo and Juliet feel to today's card from the Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal Night (Lo Scarabeo, 2009).

Lying in one another's arms - face to face, lips touching, yet both as cold as the grave - these Lovers speak of choices.  At some point, each chose the (after)life of a vampire.  Perhaps one chose it because of the other.  So, this raises the question of why we make the choices we do, whether they bring us closer to our higher self, whether we choose from love or some other emotion, how rational our choices are, and whether we accept that there may be unforeseen consequences.

Today I face some choices around how to communicate with those around me, particularly my Dear One.  I hope my choices bring us closer together.

I am grateful to have a strong relationship that can stand a little challenge.


  1. I found the Brazilian edition of this deck for sale here, but I do not really like Vampire decks. However, I must say this card is VERY beautiful, very romantic and at the same time slightly melancholic in the choice it presents...

    I'll keep watching your other posts with this deck, now I am sorta curious about it... :-)

  2. This deck reminds me of the Bohemian Gothic from magic-press. I love your take on this card, Chloe.

  3. Hi Marina,

    I will admit this isn't my favourite Vampire deck, that honour goes to Ian Daniels Tarot of the Vampyres. Still, as you say, it has a lot of appeal - interesting images and takes on the traditional cards (whereas the Tarot of Vampyres isn't as clearly a RWS-type deck).

    Hi Arwen,

    I think the Magic Press deck has a broader colour palette and a somewhat softer feel overall. In the Bohemian gothic the creepiness is subtler, and the images are more realistic - part of not being CGI, I guess. Still, this is an interesting deck, and I think this is one of my favourite cards in it :)

  4. Interesting to see you talking about this deck. I nearly bought it once but was held back by the uglier besties. But cards like this one are just beautiful. Such a tender Lovers card. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Very nice relationship reading. I like that. The image is very sexy, even if they are dead. Haha.

    I guess a little creepiness now and then is OK, right? :)

    I agree that I prefer my creepiness to either be more subtle or just silly over-the-top in a humorous way.

    Vampiric hugs,

  6. Hi PLN,

    I agree there are some ugly beasties in this deck - I'm not very keen on the Pages, for example, who are foul part-bat, part-werewolf type creatures. And a few of the images are a little too CGI - the expressions and postures don't quite work. Still, the companion book by Barbara Moore is absolutely excellent, and there are also delightful images like this one. Ah, I'm just a sucker for vampire decks ;)

    Hi MM,

    I'm a big fan of vampires, but not necessarily of creepy - go figure! Still, this deck does have a certain charm, and this image in particular is stunning.

    Blood-sucking hugs (giggle),