Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stone Effigy

Another Four, but this time a far more peaceful one, from the Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal Night (Lo Scarabeo, 2009).

Still, unlike the Knight holding vigil that we see in the RWS Four of Swords, here we have an actual tombstone effigy.  However, in a Vampire deck, dead doesn't necessarily mean dead!  Resting up during the day in his stone tomb, will the occupant rise at night to continue on his existence?

There's a fair bit of debate in the literature as to whether vampires feel a desire to sleep and do so during the day due to the travails of sunlight, or are literally dead to the world during the day.  Either way, a bit of time out is a necessity, and not just for the undead.

I take this card two ways, today.  Firstly, to be grateful that I have had this short break from home, with some of my dearest friends.  Spending time meditating, chatting, reading cards, eating, crying, laughing and practising yoga has definitely been nourishing at a soul level.  Secondly, there is also the message that getting home again and cuddling my Dear One and Big Boy before starting another work week also feels like a good idea round about now :)

I am grateful for the different ways I can recharge my batteries.


  1. Ahhh the stony bed. OUCH. This sounds painful. My bed sometimes feels like a slab of granite. Hehe, but really. I hope that you had a grand time with your friends. Hope all the connections are good ones and you feel rested and well!


  2. Hi MM,

    I had a lovely time, thanks! Not so much on the rested side, but it was food for the soul :) Hope you had a good weekend, too. Will pop over and check out your blog after I've had a nap :D